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About Taylir Paynter

Taylir Paynter

Taylir Paynter

Editor, New American Funding

Taylir is an experienced Marketing Coordinator with over 3 years in the mortgage industry and a degree in Communications Public Relations. She helps coordinate and oversees a variety of marketing activities and she enjoys writing mortgage-related content for New American Funding.

Posts by Taylir Paynter

Why One House, Flipped 44 Times, Keeps Soaring in Value

One reason to invest in real estate is asset appreciation. Even if a property has been neglected or abused, it is likely to rise in value. If you have friends (or foes) who doubt this basic real estate investing principle, share with them the following history.

Is This Your Lucky Day? Real Estate Superstitions.

While luck may have nothing to do with it, many of us aren’t so quick to dispense with the role it plays in our lives, and we're anxious to improve it. From knocking on wood to the penny we pick up in the parking lot, we pretty much hope to coax luck to our side.

The All-Cash Offer: Does Showing Sellers the Money Make Sense?

A sure way of attracting the attention of a seller, especially in a hot housing market, is to make an all-cash offer. After all, it eliminates any suspense about your ability to close the deal. It also tends to fast track the transaction, which many sellers find attractive. However, while it is clearly advantageous for sellers, it may not make the most sense for you once you take ownership.

Meet Brittany Chavez - Part of Our New American Family

Brittany Chavez has been with the New American Funding for the last 2 years, where she works in the Long Beach and Huntington Beach branches as a Marketing Assistant. Prior to starting with our family, Brittany didn’t have any mortgage industry experience and was very eager to get involved.

New to Homeownership? There's a Tool for That!

As you head toward your closing date, one of the most helpful things you can do to prepare for homeownership is to make sure you are properly equipped. With the right tools, you can literally nail this home owning thing on the first try!

13 Ways To Save For A Down Payment - Infographic

When considering homeownership, one of the most important decisions you'll have to make is how to handle the down payment. Down payments can be challenging, but they can be doable if you set a goal for yourself. So how will you save?

Credit Card Reduction: Take Charge of Your Debt

Any day is a good day to reduce your outstanding balances. This is especially true given that most American workers’ take-home pay recently rose as new, lower tax brackets took effect. For many, it has freed up the cash needed to start reducing their credit card debt. Here's how even this small amount can be used to make a big difference.

Keeping Your Yard From Becoming an All-the-Bunnies-Can Eat Buffet

The care and attention you show your lawn, flowers, vegetables, or other landscaping plants can draw more than the appreciation of your neighbors. It can also make them quite inviting to hungry rabbits, not to mention deer, field mice, moles, cats, and raccoons.

Mortgage Interest Rates: What You Need to Know

With the economy strengthening and general expectations for it to continue to be healthy, it’s believed that the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) will increase interest rates during 2018. The increases are expected to be small and are being done to bring the overall level of short-term rates back to what is considered by economists as a 'neutral position.'

The Best Way to Celebrate National Puppy Day: Welcoming Home a Puppy

While March 23 is National Puppy Day, any day you find yourself looking into a pair of adoring brown eyes and see a wagging tail has the potential for being a day to celebrate puppies. It's just as likely to also be the day you open your home to a new family member. Though your heart may be ready for a new pet, is your house?

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