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About Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Editor, New American Funding

Nicole is an Editor in Marketing for New American Funding. She is responsible for managing content, ensuring consistency in corporate communication, as well as planning and executing the company's digital marketing strategy. Previously, she served as the Content Manager and Copywriter for the company as part of her 7 years of experience in the financial industry. Nicole graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Communication.

Posts by Nicole Johnson

6 Tips For Managing Your Financial Reputation

Consumers and Loan Officers received a wake-up call in early September with the announcement of a data breach at Equifax Inc., one of the three credit-reporting bureaus

10 Tips to De-Stress Moving Day

The prospect of moving is often accompanied by an emotional cocktail of excitement and anxiety over starting a new phase in life. It also leads to a list of to-dos to complete before the moving van pulls up.

Displaying Your Patriotism: 7 Rules for Old Glory

With another flag-raising occasion upon us, it’s time to ask, “Are you displaying your American flag correctly?” More than a simple show of patriotism, there are actually federal rules for how to fly the colors respectfully.

Meet Dani Abril - Part of Our New American Family

Danielle Abril has been working at New American Funding for two and a half years as a Payroll Administrator - find out what why she loves it so much at New American Funding.

A Good Problem to Have: Multiple Offers

Guiding clients through the good fortune of having the upper hand in a home sale negotiation often starts with making it clear to them that selling is about more than price. It's about receiving the highest offer with the best possible terms.

A Day in the Life of a Game Changer, Katie Traviglia

We sat down for an interview with Katie Traviglia, Director of Human Resources at New American Funding to catch a glimpse of a day in the life of a Game Changer.

A Man Cave Is Good for Dad's Health

What do dads need? It turns out, they need some space and a man cave is a great solution.

5 Little Home Improvements That Pay Off Quickly

How can you get the best return for your home improvement dollars?

Ultimate Moving Checklist

Use our handy checklist to help keep you organized and stress-free during the moving process.

Greenery: New Growth for Real Estate Business

For its part, Greenery is an exceptionally optimistic shade and seems appropriate as we look forward to spring, the season of new growth.

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