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About Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Editor, New American Funding

Nicole is an Editor in Marketing for New American Funding. She is responsible for managing content, ensuring consistency in corporate communication, as well as planning and executing the company's digital marketing strategy. Previously, she served as the Content Manager and Copywriter for the company as part of her 7 years of experience in the financial industry. Nicole graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Communication.

Posts by Nicole Johnson

New American Funding Launches Training Program for Mortgage Professionals

New American Funding, a leader in the mortgage industry, announced today the launch of its new STEP program, a corporate training curriculum that’s designed to prepare people for a career in mortgage banking.

Alexa, Find Me a Home

Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa, made her debut with the introduction of the Amazon Echo device and already has many fans. Read more to learn how Alexa could help in your home search.

Down Payment Download: How Much Do You Really Need?

There's a perception that buying a home requires a 20% down payment, but reality is far different. Learn more about home loan options.

Put the Treat in “Trick or Treat”

Halloween is an oddly joyous night when rules get broken. Not only do we pretend to be something or someone we’re not, we let our children go door to door and take candy from strangers!

Meet Toni Carter - Part of Our New American Family

Toni Carter has been a member of the New American Funding family for four years. She was initially hired as a Production Assistant supporting two Loan Officers and eventually became a licensed PA with the option of originating.

Starting Small: How to Invest Even When Money Is Tight

You may already be investing in your education, your career, and perhaps even in a home. So, how do you start putting away enough to meet your long-term plans?

5 Home Maintenance Must-Dos for Fall

In many parts of the country, fall is the perfect season. It’s not too hot or too cold, the air is clear and crisp, and the turning leaves create a backdrop for daily life. It’s also the best time to get your house ready for the coming change of seasons.

DIY or Go Pro? - Infographic

How handy are you? Here's a quiz to help you decide which type of homeowner you are.

Does Flood Insurance Make Sense for You?

Whether you live in a coastal area or in the heart of the Midwest, weather happens.

6 Tips For Managing Your Financial Reputation

Consumers and Loan Officers received a wake-up call in early September with the announcement of a data breach at Equifax Inc., one of the three credit-reporting bureaus

How low will your payment be?