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About Shannon Robinson

Shannon Robinson

Shannon Robinson

Senior Vice President, Reverse Division, New American Funding

Shannon Robinson is a seasoned professional in the reverse mortgage industry, currently serving as the Senior Vice President of the Reverse Division at New American Funding (NAF). With a robust career spanning over two decades, Shannon has honed her expertise in various pivotal roles, including Vice President of Strategic Sales and Execution at American Advisors Group (AAG). Her journey in the mortgage industry also includes significant positions such as Director of Field Operations and Director of Sales Operations at Liberty Reverse Mortgage.

At NAF, Shannon is deeply committed to nurturing a dynamic sales culture that not only leads but dominates the market. She is a strategic leader known for her exceptional skills in sales management, partnership integration within NAF businesses, lead optimization, and business development. Shannon's approach is structured around creating an organized infrastructure that enhances the sales process and strategy, ensuring robust support for the NAF Reverse sales team.

Her leadership style is driven by her core values and a rigorous work ethic, elements that were recognized when she was honored as the MVP New Leader of the Year at NAF in 2023. Shannon believes that culture is the heartbeat of any organization. She maintains a workplace environment that is both fun and exciting, fostering a supportive atmosphere where sales professionals are empowered to excel. Shannon is passionate about delivering effective strategies that boost sales performance and drive revenue, making her a pivotal asset to NAF.


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