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About Christy Bunce

Christy Bunce

Christy Bunce

Chief Operations Officer, New American Funding

Christy Bunce came to New American Funding a decade ago to lead the company's sales and operations departments. Now a 23-year veteran of the mortgage industry, she has helped the company grow to new heights. Christy's expertise includes processing, underwriting and funding – skills she built during her previous tenures at Countrywide, Ditech and Greenlight Financial services.

As Chief Operations Officer, Christy is involved with every aspect of New American Funding's business, which has helped New American Funding expand into the successful organization it is today. She has a solid understanding of employee needs and dynamic growth strategies. In the 10 years she's been at New American Funding, the company has expanded to 5,000 employees, 186 branches in 32 states, maintains a servicing portfolio of over 187,000 loans for $48.4 billion.

Going forward, Christy will continue to lead the award-winning company as it increases personnel and expands its products. Her focus will be to make sure Originators and Sales Leaders have the best tools with which to provide optimum service and to ensure the platforms are scalable for the company's future growth.

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