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Zeeda Daniele Appointed as National Manager for New American Funding's Community Lending Division

New American Funding, a leader in the mortgage industry, has appointed Zeeda Daniele to oversee its Community Lending Division. Daniele will serve as the Community Lending and Strategic Partnerships National Manager. In this role, she will establish nationwide partnerships with nonprofits and community banks in order to provide affordable loan programs and homebuyer education to housing consumers.

“I’m thrilled about this new opportunity,” said Daniele. “I’ve always had a love for nonprofits and I’m passionate about continuing that work with New American Funding.” Daniele is a 30-year veteran of the mortgage industry, who spent the past 17 years at Fannie Mae; most recently as a Senior Deputy Director, managing nonprofit relationships and developing strategic plans with Fannie’s lending partners.

Initially, Daniele will launch New American Funding’s community lending program with select nonprofits in California, Washington, and Arizona but will expand it to every state where the mortgage lender is licensed. The goal is to help first-time homebuyers become sustainable homeowners and to provide borrowers with options to refinance their home.

“This is going to have a tremendous impact,” said Daniele. “It equips nonprofits with greater access to a broader suite of loan products, which helps them remain viable, all the while empowering them to better serve their communities.”

“This is an ideal union so we’re extremely excited to have Zeeda as part of New American Funding’s management team,” said COO Christy Bunce. “Her industry knowledge and extensive background working with nonprofits will help us shape our Community Lending Division and is in direct alignment with our vision to expand to new levels.”

Daniele is from Southern California, where she’s active in the community serving on the boards of several nonprofits. In her new position, she’ll be based at company headquarters in Orange County.

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