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New American Funding Partners with Buyer Accepted to Turn Homebuyers into Cash Buyers

New American Funding Partners with Buyer Accepted to Turn Homebuyers into Cash Buyers

As one of the nation's largest mortgage lenders, New American Funding is uniquely familiar with how difficult it is to buy a home in today's ultra-competitive housing market. Thanks to record low inventory and fierce competition from corporate interests and cash buyers, traditional homebuyers are being left behind. But that ends now.

New American Funding is proud to announce that it has partnered with Buyer Accepted, which recently launched a nationwide cash buyer program, to turn traditional homebuyers into cash buyers. Through this program, Buyer Accepted will buy the borrower's chosen home upfront with cash and then sell it to the borrower with financing provided by a New American Funding mortgage.

New American Funding wants to help level the playing field for traditional homebuyers at a time when cash buyers make up more than 25% of all home purchases1.

The program offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Homebuyers using Buyer Accepted may be able to buy their home for less and close faster than those using traditional homebuying methods
  • Buyers don't have to sell their current home first. They have up to 90 days to sell their existing home, which allows them to make a full cash offer without a financing or appraisal contingency
  • Helps buyers win the bidding war over others using traditional financing and directly compete with all-cash buyers

The process is easy. Buyers simply need to get approved by New American Funding at the beginning of their home search. Once they find their dream home, Buyer Accepted will win the bidding war and buy the house with cash. Buyers can then move in when they are ready.

New American Funding's Buyer Accepted program is available nationwide, excluding New York and Hawaii, and can be used on Conventional, Jumbo, and VA loans.

"So many buyers, especially first-time homebuyers, are struggling in today's housing market. They find the home of their dreams only to lose it to a cash buyer. It's just crushing for them," New American Funding Co-Founder and CEO Rick Arvielo said. "That's why we partnered with Buyer Accepted. We want to help those buyers win the bidding war and help more deserving homebuyers secure the home of their dreams."

To learn more about buying your home with cash, contact New American Funding today.


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