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New American Funding Continues to Provide "Best in Class" Service

New American Funding is proud to announce the company's exciting new transition into becoming a comprehensive mortgage servicing company. The company's partnership with Black Knight Mortgage Servicing Platform (MSP) will allow the company to not only serve as a trusted financial advisor, but also the capability to manage new loan boarding, escrow, customer service, investor accounting/reporting, default servicing/reporting, credit bureau reporting, payment posting, disbursements and claims management functions through the help of New American Funding's Austin, Texas and Tustin, California servicing teams.

The company has also implemented a Customer Care Call Center allowing borrowers the ability to call in with any questions regarding their loan including scenarios such as how to make a payment, escrow account information, and assistance with repayment if currently facing financial difficulty. The Customer Care Website will also provide borrowers with personalized information in regards to their loan, allowing them to generate a Payoff Statement and sign-up for ACH Payments.

New American Funding is honored to have this opportunity to better serve their borrowers through the assistance of Black Knight along with the company's spectacular servicing teams. Jim Clymer, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Servicing is thrilled to lead his servicing team to success. He says, "We are proud to be part of the New American Funding family … You have my commitment that we will work together to make New American Funding the best full service mortgage company in the country. The journey begins now!"

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