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New American Funding Believes in the Future, Will Provide Thousands to Help People Buy Their First Home

More than 20 years ago, New American Funding began its mission of helping deserving individuals and families become homeowners and secure their own piece of the American Dream. Since then, the company has grown into one of the nation’s largest lenders through a specific focus on helping people across the country buy their first home and helping those in underserved communities.

Now, the company is doubling down on its mission by launching a unique new program that will help more people across the nation become first-time homebuyers.

The company is pleased to announce the launch of its Pathway to Homeownership initiative, which features several new loan programs that provide deserving borrowers with money that will help them buy a home.

Best of all, the money does not need to be paid back. It’s New American Funding’s investment in the next generation.

The Pathway to Homeownership offers qualified borrowers in select areas up to $8,000 in assistance. These funds are not a loan that needs to be repaid and are available to first-time homebuyers in designated areas.

“One of the pillars of our company is helping members of underserved communities become homeowners,” said Patty Arvielo, Co-Founder and President of New American Funding and a first-generation Hispanic American.

“The Pathway to Homeownership initiative helps people from all walks of life who are otherwise qualified clear the initial hurdles that come with buying a house,” Arvielo continued. “We value our future, and with Pathway to Homeownership, we will be able to help more people than ever before buy a home.”

The program is the latest unique initiative from New American Funding, a mission-driven company that focuses on building sustainable homeownership and helping families create generational wealth.

The company’s Latino Focus initiative works to increase homeownership among the Hispanic community, while the New American Dream initiative does the same in the Black community. Each of these initiatives have delivered results as New American Funding exceeds the industry average in lending to both Hispanic and Black borrowers.

Couple these programs with the new Pathway to Homeownership and New American Funding is now positioned to strengthen its support of the next generation of homeowners.

For more information about the Pathway to Homeownership and other ways New American Funding is helping deserving individuals and families become homeowners, contact a New American Funding loan officer today.

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