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What's Hot in Houses - Infographic

What's Hot in Houses

What are buyers looking for in a house? There’s several features that buyers are looking for when it comes time to purchase a new home. Do you know what those features are? Check out our latest infographic to find learn more about what the most important property must-haves are in order to attract the most number of buyers. Use our Home Affordability Calculator to find out how much you can afford. 

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  • The most popular attributes for homes, according to are: Large backyards, garages, and updated kitchens!
    • Young homebuyers with children showed the most desire for finding a large yard, and the greatest interest in living near a good school.
  • The most-desired home style: Ranch Homes!
    • 42% of home shoppers say they’re looking for a ranch home. The second most common style was contemporary at 28%, followed by craftsman and colonial styles.
  • The favorite room in the home: Kitchens!
    • 80% of homebuyers ranked the kitchen as one of their 3 favorite rooms in a home. Master bedrooms followed the kitchen with 49% and living rooms at 42%.
  • The top goal when searching for a home: Privacy!
    • Majority of homebuyers said privacy and having space that was solely their own was a top goal when in house-hunting mode.
  • What motivates millennial homebuyers the most: Family needs!
    • Homebuyers up to 44 years old cited family needs as the top reason to buy a home. Majority of this age group also said their motivation to move was to find a better school district or change family circumstances.
  • The typical home purchased in 2017 was 1,870 square feet in size and built in 1991. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • 83% of all homes purchased were detached single-family homes for buyers under 36 years old.
  • Quality of the neighborhood (60%), convenience to job (43%), and overall home affordability (40%) were the three most-important factors to homebuyers when choosing a neighborhood for buyers under 36.
  • 51% of all buyers consider it desirable to have exterior lighting.
  • 86% of all buyers consider ceiling fans to be essential.


Features to Look For:

  • Big modern bathrooms
    • Soaking tubs are more popular than claw-foot tubs
  • Laundry and mud rooms
  • Big kitchens
    • Stainless steel sinks and appliances
    • Quartz countertops are more popular than marble
    • White cabinets are more popular than dark cabinets
    • Gas stovetops are more popular than electric
  • Master suites
  • Work-out space
  • Open floor plans and neutral colors
    • High ceilings
    • Lots of natural light
    • Hardwood floors are more popular than carpet
    • Bay windows are more popular than floor-to-ceiling

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