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Go Green with These Eco-Friendly Home Tips Infographic

Eco-Friendly Home Tips

It's important to protect our environment and preserve its natural resources for current and future generations. It’s even more essential when you consider how much money you can save by working “green” elements into your home. 

Here are some cost-effective ways to go green today!

Tend to the Thermostat: When trying to conserve energy, the thermostat is one of the best places to start. Turning your thermostat down in winter months can result in significant savings on your energy bill and help the environment. Every two degrees you lower it, could result in about 3% off your heating bill. The same thing applies in summer months with the air conditioning. Every little bit does help!

Install Sink Water Aerators and Low-Flow Shower Heads: These are cheap, easy to install, and may help cut down the amount of water you lose from your sink tap and showerhead. The end result should be less water used and more money saved.

Cold-Water Wash: Doing your laundry in cold water gets your clothes as clean and reduces gas used to heat the water. Also, only wash full loads to save both water and energy. Another trick is to hang-dry your clothes, instead of using the dryer.

Replace Your Light Bulbs: By switching incandescent light bulbs to LED, you can save hundreds of dollars and significant energy over the lifespan of the bulbs – which may be up to 10 years!

Run Your Dishwasher Only When Full: Stack it up tight to make the best use of water and energy.

Unplug Your Cellphone: When your cellphone is done charging, unplug it. By leaving it plugged in, electricity is being wasted.

Use Rechargeable Batteries: By investing in rechargeable batteries for your gadgets and remotes, it not only keeps dead batteries out of the junkyard, but it may save you money in the long run.

Washable Rags Instead of Paper Towels: Use old rags or kitchen towels to clean up any messes around the house. This not only saves you a few dollars, but also saves trees and keeps paper out of the landfill.


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