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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

A happy Hispanic family stands together laughing

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration in the U.S. that honors the rich history, diverse cultures, and significant accomplishments of the Hispanic community. From September 15th to October 15th, educational events and cultural celebrations take place all over the country. What began as a week-long observance in 1968 has become a yearly month-long tradition, the dates of which pay tribute to historically significant events.

September 16th is the day that Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain. It is the day that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla issued his “Grito de Dolores,” a revolutionary tract that called for the end of the Spanish rule in Mexico and began the Mexican War of Independence. The rest of the month includes the dates of independence of various Hispanic countries including, Chile, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

Celebrating Hispanic Community

Community is everywhere. In our cities, our businesses, and our homes. It is something that we create with family, friends, and co-workers. Building up our communities is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and each other. It offers us the warmth of human connection, the validation of shared experiences, and the comfort and strength of a support system.

One of the greatest ways to build community is by creating a safe and inclusive structure designed to empower members of that community. New American Funding (NAF) was created to be that space, a Hispanic-led company that empowers the Hispanic community. We asked Hispanic team members of NAF to share the impact that working at NAF has had on them both personally and professionally.

“Working for a Hispanic-led company has significantly and positively impacted my personal and professional journey. This experience has provided me a sense of connection and belonging beyond just a workplace. Working at NAF has empowered me to contribute more authentically and confidently. It validates the significance of my cultural identity and encourages me to bring my whole self to work.”

~  Zintia Melendez

“Working at New American Funding under Patty Arvielo's leadership is a source of immense pride. Patty is not only a trailblazer in the industry but also a symbol of kindness, thoughtfulness, and dedication to helping our community achieve homeownership. This month, and every month, I am proud to celebrate our heritage, honor the contributions of leaders like Patty, and contribute to her vision at NAF.”

~  Karen Rodriguez

“Working for a Hispanic-led company has impacted in a positive way that fills me with pride, admiration. Knowing that someone from my ethnic background can have huge success while still having a big impact on the Latino home ownership market lets me know NAF is well rooted in its values and shows me that with hard work, focus and execution, all things are possible.”

~  Kleybher Magana

"Working for a Hispanic-led company like New American Funding helps me connect a lot with the company’s values and goals. Being part of company that values diverse perspectives enables me to contribute a unique viewpoint and ensures that my voice is heard. This enriches my professional journey and empowers me to create a more meaningful impact. Remember, when we feel a sense of purpose and connection, our work tends to reflect that in remarkable ways."

~ Jesse Ayala

"When from the top of your company, you feel your voice is heard and the community you serve is a priority, it's priceless, not only because of our mission and vision but with an unprecedented commitment of funding over 25 billion dollars during the last four years to Hispanics.

We've just celebrated our Latino Focus event in Orlando, a meaningful NAF initiative, with more than 600 Hispanic real estate agents. It talks volumes about how proud I feel about working for a company that serves the underserved and always finds a way to create wealth for the Latino community through homeownership."

~ Miguel Mouriz

Resources for the Hispanic Community

The Latino Focus Initiative: Latino Focus is our main resource for Hispanic homebuyers. Started a decade ago, Latino Focus is a 50+ member strong team whose focus is identifying the homebuying challenges that face the Hispanic community and creating solutions for them.

Language can be a barrier to homeownership for members of the Hispanic community. We have bilingual team members available at every step of the mortgage process, from Loan Officers to Processors, to guide you on your journey to homeownership.

The Hispanic Generational Wealth Project: Created by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), the mission of this non-profit is “to financially and educationally empower the Hispanic community in America.” The goal of their aggregate of initiatives is to triple Hispanic household wealth over the next ten years.  

Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino

Teachers’ resource for National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Park Service

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