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Why Buy a New Construction Home

Why Buy a New Construction Home

If you have been actively searching for a new home, as a new home buyer or a veteran in the home buying process, you have probably noticed that new home construction is starting to boom again. Like me, you have probably wondered which option is best — buying a new construction or what I like to call a "pre loved" home.  If that's the case, keep reading and I will highlight my findings on why new homes have appeal.

It's Your Creation

The idea of designing your dream home and the elements it will contain is highly appealing to me. Everything from choosing the floor plan – do you like open space or a home that flows from room to room? All bedrooms upstairs, crown molding throughout? Done and done! The possibilities to make your home your own are endless and that process has got to be thrilling.

Safe and Worry Free

You don't have to worry about your home being up to code or having state of the art safety features when you purchase a new home, because they are already included! Not only do the homes have to be guaranteed to be up to code, but they come with warranty from roof to floor. This also includes all appliances; refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers etc. – this part I really like, not having to worry about having to replace older appliances or ducts etc. is a huge plus!


Who doesn't love incentives, I know I do! Many home builders will offer things like design or appliance upgrades or money towards closing costs if you purchase with them, which is awesome for the pocketbook that's a win-win! Of course the incentives offered will vary depending on the builder but they are out there. I also want to point out that it's not just the builders that offer incentives, some States offer rebate programs for new construction buyers as well.

Aside from all the things mentioned above, a new construction appeals to me because you are the first person in that home! It truly is your home, ready for memories to be shared and had in it. There's no instant to do list, you don't have to worry about replacing things or remodeling — that's already done from the get go! It's a luxurious and surprisingly affordable home purchase option. Check out your local builders, you just might fall in love with a new construction.

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