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Is This Your Lucky Day? Real Estate Superstitions.

Real Estate Superstitions

While luck may have nothing to do with it, many of us aren’t so quick to dispense with the role it plays in our lives, and we're anxious to improve it. From knocking on wood to the penny we pick up in the parking lot, we pretty much hope to coax luck to our side.

This is true, too, when it comes to real estate. While smart marketing sells a house, having luck on your side doesn't hurt!

Luck You Can Count On

In many cultures, numbers rule perceptions of luck. From seven days of the week to the Seven Wonders of the World to a lucky roll of the dice in Las Vegas, this number is believed to bring good fortune. Meanwhile, the number eight is associated with luck in Chinese culture. Both numbers often become factors in real estate transactions when they are part of a price or address.

Thirteen, however, has a negative rap and not just when it occurs on a Friday! Many high-rise buildings are missing their 13th floor…just in case. For the superstitious, having 13 in your address can be problematic, along with closing or moving on the 13th. In Chinese culture, the number 4 carries similar concerns.

Given that some buyers and sellers may harbor lucky number theories—or consult numerologists before making decisions about prices, addresses, and closing dates—you may want to alter counteroffers accordingly to encourage luck to enter the transaction—for both of you!

Engaging the Services of a Higher Power

As the patron saint of real estate, it's believed that burying a statue of St. Joseph somewhere on a property being sold will bring good luck in the form of a quick sale. Where on the property, however, is a matter of debate, as is how the statue should be placed. Many feel it should be upside down and facing the curb to attract buyers.

For those more influenced by the alignment of the universe, periods when Mercury is in retrograde should be avoided. For believers, during this time, communications and even technology are problematic and tend to break down, potentially making it a less desirable time for negotiating.

Channeling Positive Energy

Feng Shui is another concept associated with bringing luck for sellers. It’s a centuries-old practice that involves channeling and balancing energy in a particular space, such as a room or an entire home. In Feng Shui, certain colors are also used and furniture and other objects are set up in a way that allows energy to flow in and out of the area. The ultimate effect is to promote peace, prosperity, and harmony—all things that make a buyer inclined to want to linger.

Another ancient practice is smudging. This technique involves burning a specific type of white sage or other material and wafting the smoke throughout the area. The purpose is to cleanse a space of negative energy, allowing for a fresh positive start.

Moving-in Luck

Whether you are moving in or welcoming someone to their new home, bring bread and new brooms. Both invite good fortune to visit the house. You may want to forgo gifting a knife, however, even if it's to go with the bread. Superstition holds that it invites a cutting of the bonds of friendship.

Superstitious or not, when it comes to good luck,  having it on your side, no matter how it gets there, is always welcome.  That is especially true when you are Involved in a real estate transaction. Good luck!

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