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About Jason Obradovich

Jason Obradovich

Jason Obradovich

Chief Investment Officer, New American Funding

As New American Funding’s Chief Investment Officer, Jason Obradovich plays a critical role in ensuring the continued growth and success of one of the nation’s largest independent mortgage companies. Jason brings a deep understanding of capital markets, their impact on all levels of an organization and is uniquely adept at executing through market turmoil.

Jason is responsible for managing pricing, trading, hedging, investor relationships, mortgage servicing rights, and liquidity management for New American Funding. Since joining the company in 2013, Jason has successfully built robust Capital Markets, Pricing, Finance, and Business Intelligence teams. In his current role, he also oversees Accounting, Treasury, and Warehouse Financing, all of which are crucial to New American Funding’s ongoing commitment to serve its customers.

With a career of leading public mortgage banks, banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage banks, Jason excels at managing complex situations with ease while promoting a company’s public image. Jason is one of the prominent faces of New American Funding, appearing in a monthly video series designed to educate consumers, business partners, real estate agents, loan officers, and employees on the state of the mortgage market and its impact on all involved.

Jason brings 27 years of experience to his role at New American Funding. Prior to joining New American Funding in 2013, Jason served as Chief Investment Officer for a California Credit Union and before that was responsible for capital markets and portfolio management for large national lender.

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