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State Disclosures for Serviced Loans

The disclosures below apply to loans serviced by New American Funding.

Errors, Disputes, and Information Requests - Notices of errors, disputes and information requests must be submitted to New American Funding in writing at New American Funding, Attn: Complaints Department, P.O. Box 170581, Austin, TX 78717-0031.

NEVADA PROPERTY OWNERS - For Collection purposes, New American Funding, LLC’s Nevada Collection Agency License number is CAX10014, and New American Funding, LLC’s Compliance Manager Certificate Identification Number is CM12639.

NEW YORK PROPERTY OWNERS - Please be advised that we do business in the state of New York using the following business name: New American Funding, LLC.

NORTH CAROLINA PROPERTY OWNERS - For collection purposes, New American Funding, LLC address for mailing payments is: P.O. BOX 170581, Austin, TX 78717-0031 and the physical address is: 8201 N FM 620 Suite 120, Austin, TX 78726. The North Carolina Collection Agency Permit Number is: 513660430.

OREGON PROPERTY OWNERS - Borrowers: The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation (DFR) oversees residential mortgage loan servicers who are responsible for servicing residential mortgage loans in connection with real property located in Oregon and persons required to have a license to service residential mortgage loans in this state. If you have questions regarding your residential mortgage loan, contact your servicer at 800-893-5304. To file a complaint about unlawful conduct by an Oregon licensee or a person required to have an Oregon license, call DFR at 888-877-4894 or visit

TEXAS PROPERTY OWNERS - COMPLAINTS REGARDING THE SERVICING OF YOUR MORTGAGE SHOULD BE SENT TO THE DEPARTMENT OF SAVINGS AND MORTGAGE LENDING, 2601 NORTH LAMAR, SUITE 201, AUSTIN, TX 78705. A TOLL-FREE CONSUMER HOTLINE IS AVAILABLE AT 877-276-5550. A complaint form and instructions may be downloaded and printed from the Department's website at or obtained from the Department upon request by mail at the address above by telephone at its toll-free consumer hotline listed above, or by email at

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