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Qualifying for a Home Loan May Not Be Just a Fantasy Video

Qualifying for a Home Loan May Not Be Just a Fantasy Video

It's no secret that mortgage rates are at all-time lows. It's all over the headlines, along with the swirl of foreclosure news. Homeowners want to refinance to get a lower rate and better terms. Who wouldn’t want to save an extra $200 a month? Homebuyers want to purchase that big beautiful house at a once-in-a-decade-price. Unfortunately tough times have hit hard, resulting in a national epidemic of low credit scores, bankruptcies, mortgage lates, short sales, etc. Many don’t think they can qualify for a home loan, but the truth is, there are many home loan options  available, even if you are facing some of these challenging problems.

We held a Homebuyer Workshop a few weeks back and Rick Arvielo, CEO and President of New American Funding, addressed these issues. The information he offers is surprising, and even great news to those who are unsure if they qualify.

How low will your payment be?

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