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Make a Halloween Costume with Household Items

children sitting and laughing in their Halloween costumes

It's officially October and Halloween is around the corner. Do you want to dress up, but don't want to spend outrageous amounts of money on a costume that you'll only wear for one night? Halloween costumes don't have to be an expensive part of your budget. Halloween is the holiday when using your imagination and creativity can set you apart. Create your very own Halloween costume from stuff you find around your home. Here are a few different ideas from Living on the Cheap that mainly use household items and prove that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun this Halloween.


Supplies: Toilet Paper. A lot of it. Face Paint.

Grab a simple roll of white toilet paper to begin your creation of a scary mummy. Have the person dressing up stand still and carefully wrap their legs individually with the toilet paper, working upwards from the feet. Wrap their torso and arms as well. Be careful when wrapping their heads not to obstruct their view at all and allow sufficient breathing space. Using cold cream to make their face pale, or dust with corn starch. Apply heavy black eyeliner around their eyes and the mummy costume is finished.


Supplies: Slim-fitting, straight-leg slacks (the higher-waisted, the better), white button-down shirt, white socks, black dress shoes, calculator, belt, dark-framed glasses, white tape, hair pomade or conditioner. Extra points if you add a plastic pocket protector with a mechanical pencil. Optional accessories: a slide ruler, a protractor, sci-fi comic books, or a book about math, science or engineering.

Wear slacks and button-down shirt. Hem the slacks above the tops of your shoes (use masking tape for a temporary hem). If possible, hike the waistband above your natural waist; use masking tape under the band to stick the pants to your shirt. Tuck in the shirt and add an unattractive belt. Use the pomade or conditioner to slick your hair, part it on the side, and comb the sides back; create a fold in the front if possible. Put calculator or pocket protector in shirt pocket and wrap white tape around the middle of your glasses. Frequently push the glasses up to the bridge of your nose. Adopt a nasal tone in your voice.


Supplies: Cheap white bed sheet from a thrift store like Goodwill, scissors, black marker, black eye shadow. Optional: chain links.

Drape the sheet over yourself and have a helper mark the sheet at the point where it hits the floor. Also ask them to gently mark the places to cut your eyeholes. Trim the bottom of the sheet an inch or two above the floor mark (so you won't trip). Cut out eyeholes and then use a black marker to outline them. Color the area around your eyes with black eye shadow to increase the creepiness. To amp up the scare factor, find some chain link to carry and shake.


Supplies: Old clothing that can be thrown away after Halloween- jeans and a shirt, pants and a jacket, a dress or skirt for women. The more "normal" looking, the better. Gel or hairspray, white face makeup or pale (ivory) liquid foundation, dark eye shadow and eye pencil or liner (black or gray), baby powder, a makeup sponge or brush, corn or pancake syrup, chocolate syrup, food coloring.

Rip or shred your clothes, especially the sleeves, hems and pockets. Drag them through the mud to make them look dirty. Smear on fake blood made by combining 1 cup corn syrup, 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup and 1-2 tablespoons of red food coloring. Tease your hair to make it look messy and hair spray the finished look to keep it in place. Apply white makeup or foundation over your entire face and neck to create an unhealthy pallor. Use dark eye shadow to accent sunken areas of your face (around eyes, under cheekbones and chin). Brush or blot baby powder on your face to set the makeup and add to your paleness. Dribble fake blood into your hairline and let it run down your face. Walk slowly, move stiffly, wheeze when you breathe, act confused and leave your arms slack and mouth open. Lean forward and shuffle when you walk, dragging one foot behind you. Don't talk much, mostly just grunt and groan, but ogle human flesh like it's your favorite meal.

Don't make finding a Halloween costume a daunting task. Why let the celebration and fun time become a problem before it's even started? If you don't have a lot of time or money make one of these easy creative costumes. Hopefully, one of these household costume ideas will entice you to celebrate the season! Happy Halloween!

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