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Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Kids in Costume with Pumpkins |DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

So, it’s almost Halloween and you’re looking for a clever costume idea that’s fast, simple, and affordable. No problem! Whether you’re celebrating Halloween virtually, at home with immediate family, or in a small, socially distanced group, there’s plenty of low-cost, DIY costume possibilities. Even if you’re not a crafter, you can make these frighteningly fun ideas come to life easily! But first, there’s a few details to consider.

Your Choice of Halloween Costume

Even though there’s not much time, you need to ask yourself, will your Halloween costume capture your scary side or your silly side? Are you going for a timely or a timeless look? Do you want to mimic a movie or a TV character? With this in mind, it’s good to narrow down your options and focus on the costume that’s right for you.

Why a DIY Halloween Costume?

It’s no secret that homemade costumes are fun to make and often get a reaction for their uniqueness. By repurposing everyday items and transforming them into distinctly themed costumes, they offer the special customization that a store-bought costume lacks. Also, a costume you make yourself is often more economical, with many of the items used to make it already on hand. And of course, you can take great pride in the fact that you made it yourself!

Look to Your Closet or Garage for Inspiration

If you think that almost anything can be a costume or part of a costume, you’re already thinking creatively. Just a quick look through your closet or garage may reveal such instant costumes as a military uniform, a sports jersey, a cheerleader outfit, a wedding dress, a graduation cap and gown, some retro clothing, plus a variety of useful accessories—all great places to start!

Take a “Punny” Approach

For those with a sense of humor, a slew of ideas awaits. Many of these involve a play on words that make for some great laughs and plenty of comic intrigue along the way. Here are a few of these pun-inspired costumes worth trying:

“When Life Gives You Lemons”: Take this wordplay a step further with a yellow shirt that says "life" as you carry a bag of lemons.

“Social Butterfly”: Soar as a web star with logos of various social networks pinned on your shirt and a pair of wings made with cardboard or wire hangers covered with felt.

“Party Animals”: For a wild time, put on a party hat with a T-shirt depicting an animal or an animal print.

Coffee from a “Bearista”: Give coffee drinkers paws for concern with a barista’s apron, some face paint, and bear ears made with felt, pipe cleaners, and a headband.

Copycat: Here’s the purrfect idea! Put on your homemade cat ears with several images of the same cat picture pinned to your shirt.

“Green with Envy”: Want to make everyone jealous with your couple’s costume? Have one person wear all green and another accompany them with a shirt that simply says “Envy.”

“Pigs in a Blanket”: Another idea for the comic couple. With both partners wearing pig’s noses made with pink colored paper and wrapped together in a blanket, well, you can see why it’s funny.

“French Toast”: Put on a beret and a striped shirt with a picture of toast on your shirt or around your neck and you’ll be making a deliciously funny statement.

And Now for Some Must-Try DIY Halloween Costumes…

Skeleton: Start with some face paint and then simulate the skeleton body by wearing an all-black outfit with cut-outs of white bones pinned or ironed on. Add a paper heart to make this skeleton more fun than fright.

Witch: Trouble is always brewing when you can make a witch costume with a hat cut from black colored paper paired with a black dress, striped socks, and a broom.

Ice Cream Cone: Wear a party hat resembling a waffle cone and pin or tape some colorful sprinkles onto a white shirt for contrast and they’ll all scream for ice cream!

Trophy: Put on an all-gold outfit or use gold fabric spray paint on all-white clothing, along with a gold painted sports ball to strike your trophy pose as a champion!

Pineapple: Here’s some fresh and juicy inspiration that you can make with a yellow T-shirt and layered green paper leaves as your stem/hat.

Paint Brush: With some broom bristles inside a silver paper band as your hat and a white posterboard as your color palette, you’ll be a painter’s best friend.

Octopus: Use some athletic socks as dangling stuffed arms from a purple hoodie. Add some bubble wrap for tentacles to complete the look.

Robot: Use shipping boxes to construct a 1950s style robot. Cover with some tin foil or metallic cardstock and you’ll be ready to take over the world.

Gnome: Plant yourself in the nearest garden with a gnome costume that includes a beard made of cotton balls and an outfit of red suspenders and either a red ski cap or a construction paper cone hat.

Farmer: Bring a country character to life as a farmer wearing a flannel shirt, overalls, and boots. Add straw sticking out of your pockets and sleeves for a sure-fire scarecrow.

Zombie: The living dead return wearing your old torn clothes, splashes of fake blood (easy recipes online), and some dreadfully delightful makeup.

Other Halloween Costume Favorites

Honorable mentions go out to these popular, easy-to-make costumes: bat, cat, clown, cowboy/cowgirl, flower, grave digger, hippie, mermaid, pirate, prince/princess, prom king/queen, space alien, rock star, vampire and many more. Whatever costume you choose, one thing’s for sure: you can make it your way!

Have a happy and safe Halloween—from our family at New American Funding to yours! If you’re interested in discovering more ways to save when preparing to purchase a home, get in contact with our team today!

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