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About Mosi Gatling

Mosi Gatling

Mosi Gatling

Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth and Expansion, New American Funding

Mosi Gatling is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth and Expansion at New American Funding. In this role, Gatling transcends the role of a top-tier loan originator. With over two decades of experience, Gatling is a dynamic speaker, author, and business coach shaping the future of the mortgage industry.

In her strategic leadership role, Gatling brings a wealth of knowledge to New American Funding. Notably, she created a $100,000,000 mortgage business while actively addressing the unique challenges faced by mortgage officers and emphasizing the psychology of the minority homebuyer. Recognized consistently in the top 1% by the Scotsman Guide, Gatling achieved a remarkable national ranking, highlighting her dedication to empowering potential homebuyers.

Gatling’s commitment to industry transformation extends beyond the boardroom, evident in her workshops and coaching sessions dedicated to breaking the cycle of challenges in homeownership. Whether providing valuable lessons on financial literacy, responsible credit decisions, or sharing the secrets to building a successful mortgage business, Gatling is the go-to resource.

As a respected thought leader and sought-after public speaker, Gatling shares her perspective on how the mortgage industry can foster accessible, affordable, and sustainable homeownership for all families. Regularly featured at conferences hosted by industry leaders, Gatling’s unique blend of knowledge, motivational speaking, and coaching prowess positions her as a driving force for positive change in the mortgage industry. Gatling's transformative insights and dynamic coaching approach are fostering accessible, affordable, and sustainable homeownership.

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