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Becoming Comfortable in a New City, Part 2

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When you buy a home, you are also investing in a specific neighborhood. Picking the best area for your lifestyle and needs is the first big step to helping you adjust to life in a new city. After that, you can become more familiar with your city, reach out into the community, start making friends and begin your life as a resident of your new home.

Check Out the Local Schools

Whether you have children or not, the schools in a neighborhood can determine the type of community you live in and the resale value of the home, according to

When moving to a new city, being aware of this community component is crucial in a number of different ways. For example, if you are passionate about education, a local school district that is in need of volunteers may be the perfect fit for you and can help you become involved in your new neighborhood.

Visit During Different Times

When seriously considering a home, do not simply visit the neighborhood once when you tour the house. Check out the area again during various times of both the week and day. You will want to know whether the nightlife, weekend and weekday atmosphere matches up with what you are looking for in your new community.

Especially if you are adjusting to a new city, knowing how social a community is can help you decide whether it is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Cater to Your Comfort

One of the keys to successfully acclimating to a new city is ensuring you are comfortable. Apartment Therapy noted that being in an area that won't stress you out allows you to explore your new territory a bit more freely. Consider living with a friend, family member or renting an apartment while searching for a home. This gives you the ability to focus your energy on searching for a home and exploring the city.

Also, remember that moving to a new city will likely be difficult. Take the time to treat yourself every once in awhile. Moving can be stressful and telling yourself that you're likely still in a transition period whenever you feel lonely or upset about moving can help you feel better about the change.

Embrace Technology

Different applications can also be used as tools to help you adjust to your new life. noted that Meetup and AroundMe are two examples of apps that can help you become acquainted with new people as you adjust to life in a new city.

Post a status on Facebook or send a Tweet asking your current friends whether they know anyone living in your new stomping grounds. Your current acquaintances may be able to set you up with new friends who can mentor you, ease your transition and show you where the best happy hours are, what to do on the weekend and where everyone hangs out.

Become a Part of the Community

Whether someone asks you to volunteer, come out for a drink or join a club, always tell him or her yes. When you are adjusting to a new life, meeting new friends starts with becoming involved with the community. Actively seek out opportunities to join clubs or organizations. Ask neighbors about starting a book club or host a party at your home to get to know everyone in the area. Be outgoing when you move to a new neighborhood and city.

You can seek out friends who hold similar interests as you by signing up for activities that relate to your passions. For example, if you enjoy working out and are on the lookout for a running buddy or spotter, join a fitness class or sign up for a gym membership. This exposes you to a number of people who likely have similar interests as you.

Spend Some Time in the City

Whether you enjoy running, walking or biking, get out and explore the city on your own. You might find an interesting restaurant, theater or park while you enjoy a little physical activity in your new home. In addition, Apartment Therapy noted that giving yourself a little alone time can be a nice way to adjust to changes. Going on a solo exploration might be a good way to relax and familiarize yourself with the city.

Stay in Touch

Continue fostering your relationships with your current friends even when you move to a new house. Stay in touch through Facebook, through the phone or write letters back and forth. After settling in a bit more you will likely want to invite your old friends into town and show them your new home. Organize a weekend to show any old pals your favorite local spots and introduce them to new friends you've made since moving to the city.

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