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Be Prepared: 8 Essentials to Keep in Your Car


As a Real Estate Agent, your days can be busy and unpredictable. Often, your car doubles as your office. That’s why having everything you might need in the course of your day close at hand can be a time and, even, a sales saver. Here are eight items to consider keeping in your car to ensure showings and client meetings stay on track.

1. WD40 or Liquid Graphite

With multiple showings come multiple locks in various conditions. Having a bottle of WD40 or liquid graphite on hand can help you with any sticky or otherwise problematic locks your key just won’t open.

2. Portable and Spare Chargers

Since a smartphone is the main tool of your trade, keeping it charged is critical. A portable charger offers the freedom of not having to find an outlet before your battery dies. You may also want to have a selection of charger connections to accommodate common mobile devices, in case a client is also in need of one.

3. GPS Navigation Systems and Paper Maps

While there are several navigational apps available for smartphones, many rely on a data connection for accuracy. GPS systems don’t depend on this connection and have the added benefit of freeing up your smartphone for other uses. Keeping a collection of paper maps available can also helpful as a backup. Also, offering clients a printed map of the neighborhood around the home they’re viewing, customized with your contact information, can be a nice addition to your marketing toolkit.

4. Change of Shoes and Clothes

Changing circumstances often require flexible attire. Being able to change from dress shoes to sneakers to make a quick repair before a showing or switching out of a shirt with an accidental coffee stain into a fresh one can keep you feeling and looking in control all day

5. Flashlights, Headlamps, and Extra Batteries

A flashlight is a must-have. From showing potential buyers a crawl space to replacing a light bulb in a darkened room, flashlights make the job easier. Headlamps are also useful when you need both hands to get a task done—and don’t forget to have plenty of spare batteries for both.

6. Air Fresheners and Cleaning Products

More often than not, you’re showing homes that are being lived in. This may require a little cleaning up before potential buyers arrive. Bringing products you trust for your own home, such as environmentally friendly sprays and air fresheners, can help set the right tone when showing a property, though you may want to get the homeowner’s permission to use them, in case of any allergies.

7. Snacks and Pet Treats

Things always go more smoothly when everyone involved can focus on viewing the property rather than on being hungry. This makes having a variety of healthy snacks—from kid-friendly options to those made with food allergies in mind—a welcome thing. It’s also good to keep any four-legged family members in mind, whether they belong to the buyer or seller.

8. Portable Printer

With all the documents that come with your daily activities, a compact, reliable printer that you can take on the road could become your best traveling companion. Certainly, it can eliminate having to go back to the office to print extra copies of a document or retrieve something you may’ve forgotten.

Being prepared isn't just for scouts! Having the right tools just when and where you need them can make helping people find their dream home an even smoother journey for you both.


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