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New American Funding Co-Founder Patty Arvielo Honored as Diversity Leader, Latino Leader Worth Watching

New American Funding Co-Founder Patty Arvielo Honored as Diversity Leader, Latino Leader Worth Watching

Top independent mortgage lender New American Funding is proud to announce that Co-Founder and President Patty Arvielo has been honored for her decorated career by Profiles in Diversity Journal®.

The publication bestowed Arvielo with two separate honors, naming her a Latino Leader Worth Watching for the second year in a row and a Diversity Leader award winner for the third time. Overall, Arvielo has been recognized seven previous times by Profiles in Diversity Journal.

The Latino Leader Worth Watching award recognizes industry leaders who "demonstrate talent and skill, a dedication to excellence in all they do, a willingness to mentor and support the next generation, and a commitment to the broader community," while the Diversity Leader award honors "those who work every day to expand and improve diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace and beyond."

Each of those aptly describes Arvielo, who helps lead New American Funding's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts and has done so since the company's inception in 2003. Arvielo's company was built by people from diverse backgrounds, designed to be inclusive to all, and structured so everyone is treated equally.

New American Funding's focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion extends beyond its own doors. As a mortgage lender, the company believes that the greatest path to generational wealth is through owning a home. That's why New American Funding and its employees work tirelessly to ensure that everyone who can buy a home is able to do so, with a specific focus on lending to underserved communities.

These efforts are driven by Arvielo, a first-generation Hispanic-American, who has led New American Funding to become a leader in lending to Hispanic and Black borrowers.

This is accomplished through two company-wide initiatives, Latino Focus and New American Dream. Latino Focus, established in 2013, works to improve homeownership among the Hispanic community. New American Dream, created in 2016, seeks to raise awareness and increase homeownership within Black communities.

"I know firsthand the struggles that minorities face when trying to build a life in this country," Arvielo said. "We can only clear these hurdles if we work together. That's why at New American Funding, we are building a 21st century company that provides and sustains equity for our customers and our employees alike."


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