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National Mortgage Banker Appoints Sr. Vice President Division Manager

New American Funding, a HARP 2.0 Lender, announced the appointment of Jan Preslo to Senior Vice President Division Manager of Retail Lending.

Preslo started her career in mortgage twenty-seven years ago, and has since worked for well-known mortgage lenders including Countrywide Home Loans, Bank of America Home Loans and MetLife Home Loans.   Earlier this year Preslo joined the New American Funding team.  Her recent promotion to Sr. Vice President Division Manager of Retail Lending is a testament to her strategic thinking and strong leadership skills.

In her new role Preslo will focus her time and energy on further developing, and managing New American Funding's growing outside retail sales channel by identifying target markets for expansion and implementing strategies to increase current market share.

Preslo explains the future of the division, "We plan to continue expanding…there is much opportunity in the state of California as well as our neighboring states." She goes on to say "I'm excited to be at New American Funding because of the great leadership, and their consistent focus on providing the best operational support, leading edge technology, as well competitive loan products.  It's this support that allows and encourages the company's sales force to be highly productive."

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