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Extended Rate Locks 
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Our Secret to High Capture Rate

Our New American Funding Loan Officers are problem solvers, which is why our Builder Team has one of the highest capture rates in the industry. When other lenders are quick to turn down a loan application or an applicant doesn't fit neatly into their simple pre-qualification formula, our team rolls up our sleeves and begins our work. Often a loan file simply needs some additional attention and care, or a deeper look into a credit reporting inaccuracy. We'll do everything we can to achieve underwriting approval and save your client from cancellation.

Extended Rate Locks
to 270 Days

Nothing is more frustrating than having a buyer cancel due to a change in rates and sudden lack of affordability. We understand your business, which is why our Extended Rate Lock can be a lifesaver during a new home construction process. Keeping your buyers locked in with our extended Builder Rate Cap with free float down will keep your buyers comfortable, while giving you, the builder, the extra assurance of a reliable closing.