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Tips and Benefits for Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent

by Shantell Lorraine Nicole Russell 26. February 2015 12:40
The right real estate agent can be immensely helpful when looking to purchase a new home. [More]

A Simple Guide to Refinancing

by Courtney 24. February 2015 10:09
Refinancing your current home mortgage could potentially save you a great deal of money. [More]

Most Affordable Cities to Buy a Home

by Shantell Lorraine Nicole Russell 19. February 2015 12:04
When considering the purchase of a home, affordable cities make that goal far more attainable. A strong employment trend and high percentage of home affordability are crucial. Trulia, a real estate market analysis company, recently released a Middle Class Affordability report. Below is a detailed list of the top three most affordable cities to invest in a new home:  Dayton, Ohio  The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that employment is on the rise in this southwestern Ohio cit... [More]

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FHA Loans Pro's and Con's

by Courtney 17. February 2015 12:39
FHA loans are an easy way for people to purchase a home if they have trouble meeting the requirements of a conventional mortgage loan. This Slideshare was created to provide a quick pros & cons on FHA loans to help you see if it's the right loan for you. [More]

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Yours, Mine and Ours: Home Buying for a Young Couple

by Courtney 13. February 2015 05:29
Deciding to buy a home with your partner is both exciting and intimidating and there are many facets to consider when committing to such an investment. [More]

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