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Getting rid of furniture before a move: Part 1

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 24, 2015
When packing up for a move, it's easy to get overwhelmed. [More]

What Type of Holiday Shopper are you?

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 20, 2015
From surfing the web, to standing in line for black Friday sales, tis the season to shop! Take our quiz and find out what type of shopper you will be this season. [More]

What Not to do When Applying for a Home Loan

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 20, 2015
Applying for a U.S. home mortgage is an incredibly exciting and intimidating time. During this time, it is crucial that you avoid certain mistake some individuals commonly make! [More]

Pocket listings becoming more popular

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 20, 2015
Selling a home can be tricky. Pocket listings, or homes that aren't publicly listed, are becoming more popular. [More]

Is Feng Shui becoming standard in new homes?

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 17, 2015
Data from the National Association of Realtors shows the majority of international home buyers are Chinese, passing Canadian buyers for the first time this summer by two percentage points. [More]

Thanksgiving Decorating Made Easy!

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 13, 2015
If you're at a loss for how to decorate this Thanksgiving, let us make the decision for you! Take this quiz and find out what your signature piece of decor is! [More]

Owning Rental Property Can Be Rewarding

By Shantell Lorraine Nicole Russell   |  November 12, 2015
In the event of a job loss, illness or other life event that keeps one away from traditional work, a second form of income is a good way to continue to bring in money, even if it's less than usual. [More]

Motivational techniques for saving for a down payment

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 10, 2015
Saving for a down payment on a house can feel like a grueling and never-ending process. [More]

Make your home smell like Fall!

By Courtney Lynch   |  November 6, 2015
Which of these Fall scents should you be filling your home with?? Take our quiz and find out which suits your personality! [More]

Cleaning Your Home Will Help It Sell Quicker

By Shantell Lorraine Nicole Russell   |  November 6, 2015
The decision to sell your home is a big one. If the home was the one you grew up in or the first house you owned, it's probably an emotional decision. [More]