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Advantages of an FHA Loan

by Yelaine 20. August 2014 11:13
An FHA loan is a common loan taken by first time home buyers, in this article the advantages of an FHA Loan will be discussed. [More]

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Avoiding Common Home Buying Heartbreaks | New American Funding

by Rebecca 20. August 2014 07:35
Let New American Funding help you avoid heartbreak as you buy your first home. [More]

Another VA Benefit, the SCRA! Wait, What’s That?

by Rose 20. August 2014 07:03
Congrats to all those Servicemembers that are achieving the American dream of homeownership through the VA Home Loan Program. As we know, the reality is deployments can come at any time, so this forces me to beg the question: what happens when one of these proud homebuyers answers the nation’s call to duty? [More]

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12 Steps to Buying a New Home | New American Funding

by Rebecca 14. August 2014 09:55
Believe it or not, only 12 steps stand between you and your dream house!Continue reading to learn more. [More]

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New Year’s Resolutions: Mid-Year Update

by Rebecca 12. August 2014 15:32
Whether or not you set New Year’s Resolutions or how you’ve been doing so far, today is a new day! Here are my tips to help set yourself up for success. [More]

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