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Guide to Saving Money for a Down Payment in 2015

by Courtney 29. January 2015 10:50
Millennials are forecast to contribute to a promising upcoming year in real estate. [More]

FHA At Any Age

by Courtney 28. January 2015 07:59
Whether you're buying your first home or purchasing the perfect place to spend your retirement, FHA loans offer several distinct advantages. [More]

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How home buyers can prepare for competition once mortgage rates rise

by Chelsea 22. January 2015 07:52
It's generally accepted that with the Federal Reserve no longer purchasing government assets as part of its stimulus program, mortgage interest rates - among other consumer borrowing costs - will begin to rise in 2015. [More]


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Check Your Credit Before Purchasing a Home

by Rebecca 21. January 2015 08:53
When purchasing a home, many lenders pull your credit score to pre-qualify you for a loan. See what you need to do to improve and protect your credit score. [More]

5 Tips for Moving Out-of-State

by Chelsea 20. January 2015 07:26
While the idea of moving to a different state may seem daunting, it really isn’t too dissimilar from simply moving down the block – aside from the physical distance. [More]

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