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Jumbo VA loans offer big opportunities for qualified borrowers

by Yelaine 28. October 2014 08:54
In the post-recession mortgage market, the term "jumbo loan" has been somewhat stigmatized, as the product is frequently associated with the subprime crisis and the subsequent economic downturn. [More]

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VA Home Loans and the Efforts to End Veteran Homelessness

by Brian 27. October 2014 12:57
A look at VA home loans over the last 4 years as we approach the deadline to the President's vow to end veteran homelessness. [More]

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Potential buyers need clarity on underwriting, appraisal processes

by Yelaine 23. October 2014 11:09
Prospective homebuyers are likely aware of the importance of the mortgage underwriting and appraisal processes, but there are concerns from various industry members that misconceptions are rampant. [More]

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HARP Opportunities Still Abound for Qualified Borrowers

by Yelaine 21. October 2014 13:50
As of July 2014, the Home Affordably Refinance Program - otherwise known as HARP - was set to expire within six months. [More]

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Appealing to the modern house hunter

by Yelaine 13. October 2014 13:47
Selling a home in 2014 is vastly different from doing so in the pre-Internet age, and even from doing so in 2004, when market values were inflated and prospective buyers didn't have access to the same wealth of information. [More]

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