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Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

by Gina 15. April 2014 11:02
Improving your credit score will take time and patience but is ultimately one of the most important steps you can take when planning for your future. One of the main reasons a higher credit score is ideal in the home buying process is because lenders are required to base the loan and interest rate they are able to offer you off of your credit score, and history. Many people have experienced past events that have affected their credit score negatively; if you are one of those people, the following tips may help you improve your credit. [More]

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Common Mortgage Terms Explained

by Ashley 14. April 2014 07:26
When you buy or sell a home, you have to deal with a lot of jargon. At every step of the home loan process, there are some important terms you'll need to know. Check out New American Funding's list explaining some of the most common mortgage terms - from your mortgage banker and the loan itself to dealing with the seller. [More]

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6 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

by Ashley 9. April 2014 06:55
Buying your first home? Congratulations! Whether you've just started thinking about buying a home, or if you've already looked a few homes, you know that it's a complex process. But that doesn't mean you have to go through it alone! New American Funding has been a trusted partner for thousands of first-time homebuyers, and we can help you avoid some common mistakes that many new buyers make. Take a look at some common mistakes that first-time homebuyers make, and learn how you can avoid them. [More]

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The Basics: Reverse Mortgage

by Ashley 8. April 2014 08:07
Reverse mortgages tend to get a bad rap mostly because people don’t understand exactly what a reverse mortgage is. This program doesn’t benefit everyone, but if you are at least 62 years old and have positive equity in your home it may be right for you! [More]

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Busting Mortgage Myths

by Ashley 7. April 2014 07:27
Learn which mortgage myths are true and which are false! [More]


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