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Late-season leverage: How to enhance fall curb appeal

by Yelaine 25. November 2014 10:36
The fall home sales season is make-or-break time for a lot of buyers, so as a seller, you can capitalize on the urgency by making your property the most attractive in the neighborhood. [More]

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Dealing With Disclosures for Buyers, Sellers & Agents

by Rebecca 24. November 2014 09:08
We’ll tell you all you need to know about disclosures, whether you’re a buyer, a seller or a real estate agent! Continue reading to learn more. [More]

The pros and cons of fall house hunting

by Chelsea 20. November 2014 11:53
Fall can be an underrated homebuying season, given that competition from families is often less fierce after the school year has begun. [More]


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More millennials are preparing to buy homes, and they know what they want

by Chelsea 18. November 2014 09:44
It's no secret that the national level of homeownership is lower today than most economists and housing market analysts would like it to be. [More]

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Top priorities for renters who might be buyers

by Rose 12. November 2014 09:22
Considering the transition from renting to homebuying? [More]

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