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All about closing costs: How much you really need to buy a home

By Courtney Lynch   |  February 11, 2016
While there are ways reduce fees, it is key that home buyers keep them in mind and think about which lender might provide them the best deal on closing costs. [More]

What the Fed's interest rate hike means for homebuyers and homeowners

By Courtney Lynch   |  February 10, 2016
Interest rates will only spike by 0.25 percent, but many homebuyers and homeowners fear it could have horrible repercussions on their mortgages. Fortunately, this is not necessarily the case. [More]

November and December's home sales affected by TRID

By Courtney Lynch   |  February 9, 2016
All eyes were on the real estate market, with questions about how TRID would affect home sales, when the rule went into effect on Oct. 3. [More]

Tips for improving your credit score

By Courtney Lynch   |  February 9, 2016
If you are planning to apply for a mortgage any time in the near future, it is time to start cleaning up your credit score. [More]

How to be a resource to first-time homebuyers

By Courtney Lynch   |  February 4, 2016
For many, buying a house for the first time represents the biggest purchase they have made so far. Real Estate Agents need to be sensitive to those entering the housing market for the first time. [More]

Tips for selling your home in 2016

By Courtney Lynch   |  February 4, 2016
The 2016 housing market is going to be pretty different from what it was in 2015. [More]

How to find a real estate agent who's right for you

By Courtney Lynch   |  February 2, 2016
A real estate agent still plays a vital role in the home buying process. [More]

Is the worst house on the block a better buy?

By Courtney Lynch   |  January 29, 2016
There are many strategies when it comes to real estate. One of the most widely-told pieces of real estate wisdom is to buy the worst house in the best neighborhood. [More]

The risks of having a fireplace

By Courtney Lynch   |  January 27, 2016
While a fireplace certainly conjures up cozy images of warmth and family gatherings, you may want to think twice before purchasing a home with one. [More]

Download these apps before moving in

By Courtney Lynch   |  January 26, 2016
There are many things that are pertinent to learn and get ready for, from how safe a neighborhood is to how far you'll have to go to get to the grocery store. [More]