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FHA Loans Looking Droopy, but Why?

by Rose 26. September 2014 12:42
FHA Loan originations have fallen 19% from October 2013 to June 2014. So what’s the skinny? [More]

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Turn Your Attic/Basement Into An Oasis!

by Yelaine 24. September 2014 11:52
Attic and basement spaces. Sure, they can be very useful for storage, but what fun is that? Take a look at a few ways you can turn your space into your get-away oasis! [More]

Guiding Buyers and Sellers through Closing | New American Funding

by Rebecca 22. September 2014 10:44
Learn how to guide both buyers and sellers through Closing and to a happy sale. [More]


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How to Choose the Right Loan

by Rebecca 18. September 2014 14:49
Check out this blog for a few tips on the steps you can take to help you choose the right loan. [More]

Moving Back In - Forming A Multigenerational Household

by Brian 16. September 2014 06:54
Multigenerational households are becoming more common. What might have once been a stigmatized idea has, for many families, become a viable option loaded with potential benefits. [More]

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