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Moving Back In - Forming A Multigenerational Household

by Brian 16. September 2014 06:54
Multigenerational households are becoming more common. What might have once been a stigmatized idea has, for many families, become a viable option loaded with potential benefits. [More]

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A Loan Program Specialized for Those Who’ve Served for Our Country

by 11. September 2014 14:43
Advantages of a VA loan and who benefits from it. [More]

How to Secure a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

by Rebecca 9. September 2014 07:38
Recovering from bankruptcy to secure a mortgage takes patience and hard work, and we can help you find your way. Continue reading to learn more. [More]

VA Home Loans Simplified

by Rebecca 4. September 2014 10:47
VA home loans are mortgages backed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. They were designed to offer eligible American veterans a way to purchase a home.

We created this Slideshare to help understand the benefits and requirements to get a VA home loan. [More]

How to Use an ARM Loan | New American Funding

by Rebecca 3. September 2014 11:49
ARM loans were once the most popular home loans available, but many buyers have become nervous about variable rates in the last few years. But while ARM loans may not be the best bet for everyone, they do offer a lot of benefits for the right buyers. Continue reading to learn more about how to use an ARM loan. [More]

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