Convert your home equity to cash.
Make it work for you.

A cash-out refinance or a HELOC aren't the only ways to get the cash you need. EasyKnock's innovative residential sale-leaseback program is an alternative to home equity loans.

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How It Works

Don't let credit scores and debt-to-income (DTI) ratios hold you back! Convert your home equity to cash without the loan. Plus, you can maintain the rights to you home's value appreciation - if you choose to move and direct EasyKnock to sell the home.

Sell & Stay

Sell, Rent, and Remain in the Home You Love

Convert your home equity to cash to pay debts, navigate a life event, and more while keeping the option to repurchase.

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What is Sell & Stay?

Convert your home equity into cash to reach your financial goals while remaining as a renter in the home you love.

Sell & Stay by EasyKnock provides a residential sale-leaseback solution free from many lender restrictions.

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Why Choose Sell & Stay?

Keep the Option to Repurchase

Remain as a renter for up to five years total. At any point, you can choose to repurchase the home for the agreed-upon Buyout Cost.

Retain Appreciation

You maintain the rights to any home value appreciation over the agreed-upon Buyout Cost, minus agent commission if you direct EasyKnock to sell at a later date.

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