FHA Bridal Registry Program: Turn Wedding Gifts Into a Home Down Payment

FHA Bridal Registry Program: Turn Wedding Gifts Into a Home Down Payment

Are wedding bells ringing in your near future? If so, maybe you can relate to this situation. You are getting married … when, how, why or where has yet to be determined. So far the question was popped, the answer received, and the ring put on the finger. One thing you know for sure, someday you want to buy a home together, but the reality of coming up with the down payment makes that dream seem far off.  If only the mountain of wedding gifts that is sure to come could transform into a molehill of cash.

What if that could happen? What if the wedding gifts didn’t have to come in the form of a $50 waffle maker or a $100 3-speed blender? And what if you didn’t have to set up a bridal registry and pick out a bunch of "stuff" that you need (but could get by without)?

The guest that planned to give cash has become the trendsetter and new role model to all other wedding guests because that cash, CAN transform into a home down payment through the FHA Bridal Registry Program. The FHA Bridal Registry program gives soon-to-be-married couples the chance to set up a bridal registry savings account in order to help them amass the funds necessary for a home down payment. Family and friends can deposit their gifts into this account and then when the couple is ready to purchase their home, the money will be made available through a lender supervised account. Unlike other down payment assistance programs, the only documentation required is proof of your savings account, "lender and borrower certification of the funds." No gift letters are necessary.

How to pitch the idea to family and friends:

The ultimate wedding gift: a home.

Say "I DO" to helping us buy our first home.

Cash means you care.

So maybe the last slogan is a bit too edgy, but you get the point. All FHA Approved lenders are automatically eligible to take part in the program.

How low will your payment be?