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FHA Versus Conventional...

Mortgage loans are like power tools: You get the best results by using the right one for the job at hand. For many borrowers that may mean bypassing the conventional route to find the one that fits your budget today and is the least likely to cause financial stress in the future.  

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Michael Schoenhut from Riverside, CAMichael Schoenhut from Riverside, CA

Video  0KB  7/22/2013

Michael from Riverside, CA shares his experience of securing a Harp 2.0 refinance on his house this past spring through New American Funding. Michael had contacted New American Funding two years ago with an interest to refinance. However, after discovering that the savings would not be that great at that point in time, he decided to wait for the Harp 2.0 to come out. Neal Engler reached out to him in January of 2013 and sent him paperwork to get the process started. They decided the Harp 2.0 was the best refinance option for him. He not only saved 3% points on his refinance, but also net saved on impounds! Michael highly recommends utilizing New American Funding's services.