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  • Patty Arvielo Selected to Speak...

    Facebook invited Arvielo to share her life experiences, upbringing as a Latina, lessons learned as an entrepreneur, and accomplishments as a means of helping leaders within the company grow...

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HARP: The Final Countdown to...

If you are among the more than 300,000 homeowners who still qualify for HARP refinancing, you could be paying more for your home’s current mortgage then you need to.  

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Mortgage Affordability Calculator

This assumes a fixed rate loan with the rate and term on the screen. Also it assumes a max DTI of 28% and a total household expense of 36%, Annual Property taxes of 1% and an annual insurance rate of 0.137 %. If the LTV is greater than 80% it includes an estimated monthly PMI payment of $65 regardless of the loan amount. The payment is the total PITIMI payment

Refinance Mortgage Calculator

The months to payoff fees is the fee total divided by the difference in the old and new payment. The interest saved is the difference between the total interest paid on the new loan minus the interest remaining to be paid on the old loan.

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator + Fixed Rate Mortgage Calculator

The payment is the PI payment only.