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Potential buyers need clarity on...

Prospective homebuyers are likely aware of the importance of the mortgage underwriting and appraisal processes, but there are concerns from various industry members that misconceptions are rampant.  

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Colorado Home Loans for Purchase and Refinance 

Now is the ideal time to purchase or refinance a home in Colorado: The abundance of outdoor activities, the low cost of living and the positive housing statistics make the state attractive to homeowners, new home buyers and investors alike.  At New American Funding, we’ll guide you through the Colorado home loan process, whether you’re refinancing your home loan or just beginning the buying process.

Home prices are at an all-time low in Colorado, the lowest since 2003. With a state median sales price of just $200k and rental prices rising due to high demand, this the best time to for homeownership in Colorado.

Competitive mortgage services and low rates
From city living in Denver to mountain ski villages in Vail and Aspen, Colorado has it all, and we can help get you there. We offer the best rates on any type of Colorado home loan. We offer Fixed Rate Mortgages, Adjustable Rate Mortgages,  Interest Only Loans, FHA Loans, VA Loans and Jumbo Loans

Free home loan approval
Did you know that you can easily qualify for a new Colorado home loan prior to making any commitment?  At New American Funding, our pledge is to make the loan process efficient and realistic, and the first step is helping you get approved for a home loan. We’ll help you determine exactly how much you can borrow so you can start looking for the right homes. Having a complete understanding of which houses fit your budget will help your agent find you the perfect house. It will also impress sellers’ agents with a solid offer from a buyer they know is already approved for their loan.

Tips for getting a Colorado home loan
Even if you’re a native of Colorado, it’s important to know the essentials when it comes to mortgages. If you’re thinking about buying a new home, investing in rental property or buying a vacation home, here are a few pointers:

-      Gather your income and financial documentation: Lenders require borrowers to provide proof of income, homeowners insurance, W-2 forms, asset information and title insurance.  Get  these prior to starting the loan approval process.

-      Get credit approved: By giving you an upfront credit approval, we’ll help you understand how much you can afford and are approved to borrow before you begin looking at homes.

-      Use a licensed real estate agent or broker: We can help you find a licensed real estate professional who  can show you homes within your price range, expediting the buying process for first-time home buyers and seasoned buyers alike.

-      Understand the involved parties: Real estate agents can represent buyers, sellers or both.  Be familiar with the different professionals you will be dealing with and figure out  which ones represent your interests.

-      Do your homework: Not all homes are as they appear. Be sure to get a home inspection, demand an appraisal and ask questions about the neighborhood and area you are interested in.


Ready to get your Colorado home loan? Contact us today at 1-800-450-2010.